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A bit about me...

I consider myself a healer and educator, and someone who strives to help others understand the complexities of trauma and its impact on individuals, families, and society. In my teaching and practice, I try to incorporate the latest evidenced-informed practices, body-centered approaches, culturally responsive healing practices, and clinical wisdom (both my own and from others). I also recognize that meaningful and long-lasting healing occurs when communities come together to help and support its members. Providing long-term, community-based solutions to combating adversity, healing from trauma, and promoting resiliency is thus a central tenet woven in all of my work.  

My current area of research focuses on the effects of body-based interventions (e.g., Chen Style Tai Chi, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, KINNECT, and Rainbowdance ®) on trauma and other mental health disorders. Other research includes the effects of chronic neglect on child mental health and development. My research has been published in numerous academic journals, and featured on National Public Radio and in the Washington Post. I have, and currently provide consultation services on trauma-informed care practices across a variety of settings, including school districts, residential treatment centers, outpatient mental health practices, child welfare agencies, along with regional and national entities such as Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the Midwest Trauma Services Network, and the International Trauma Center.

I've developed an innovative, easy to learn, body-centered therapeutic approach to trauma treatment called Integrated Somatic Regulation ®, which incorporates the latest science regarding trauma and its effects on the brain and body, and utilizes elements from various body-centered practices, including body-based psychotherapy, EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy, and yoga. It can be used to safely treat those who have experienced long-term, complex and developmental trauma. This approach was developed through clinical practice with highly traumatized individuals, extensive review of the latest research, and collaboration with some of the top trauma experts in the field.

In my free time, I enjoying traveling, hiking, trying new foods, and spending time with my family.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. V

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